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Casino Games Provider: JDB Gaming

JDB Gaming is a very competent online casino game provider that has made a notable reputation in the entire gambling market in Asia. They have produced a generous number of quality games for both land-based casinos and online ones.

About, values, and overview


Hailing from Asia, JDB is an online casino software or game developer with a large portfolio of slot and arcade games. Their games are mostly aimed at Asian markets but their games are helping them grow their market presence.

JDB Gaming is yet another Asia facing eGaming development company with a large collection of games that are now excellently integrated into pretty much any online casino platform today. They also offer games that can be played widely across many modern devices.

The company is named after the motto ‘just do the best’ and was previously named JDB168 and Jiadoubao. With their bold and somewhat better striking new name, this Asian software provider is now gearing up with a clear vision of delivering quality content for all online casino clients out there.

There’s no doubt that Sexy Gaming will still be this hyped even for the future to come.


To ensure that JDB Gaming contents are in accordance with all the technical standards and regulations, all JDB gambling and gaming-related products have been validated and certified by the Gaming-Laboratories International or GLI.

This certification guarantees that all their developed games are not only fair and safe but also of the highest quality. It is a combination of convenience and safety rolled into one. There would have never been a better way to prove this but through verified means of trusted gambling authorities.

Additionally, JDB Gaming is also partnering with world-class international affiliates. One key thing of a good casino software developer is its ability to form a concrete and healthy relationship with its partners. The list of their international partners is listed on their main website.

Core Values

Setting their standards very high, they try to live up to their main motto of “just do the best”. They pride themselves with their commitment to creating a fair, safe, and profitable games that would satisfy both the clients and players from around the globe.
Behind all this, is JDB Gaming’s three main core values:

  1. Surprising
    Games need to be interesting. JDB has a complete understanding of this mentality. Furthermore, it needs to surprise and leave a good impression by also providing an abundance of well-thought-out ideas and gaming content.
  2. Refinement
    Taking something that’s already proven working and fine-tuning it to make it even better is something no stranger to JDB Gaming. Their friendly operating interfaces are continuously being refined and upgraded to meet the satisfying gaming experience one could possibly hope for.
  3. Reliability
    Making a stable platform for all gambling content Is not impossible. However, not all online casino is capable of gaining the trust and reliability of their system. JDB Gaming makes an effort to build a steady and sustainable gaming environment for everyone.


Over the years, JDB Gaming holds the record for being the most leading land-based slot machine manufacturer across Asia. They have pioneered integrating slot and fishing casino games in the online space. They have, without a doubt, become one of the best online gaming providers in the continent.

The company has formed an incredible influence in the industry. While JDB has dedicated its business in building a huge library of online casino games on your fingertip, attracting impressive amounts of bets, they have now become the first-tier gambling product provider in Asia.

Gaming Products

As expected, the sheer number of games made by JDB is stellar. While mostly catering towards an Asian-facing market, their core values hint a worldwide expansion. As a matter of fact, the company’s gaming portfolio is split into the following category of games which are also widely common around the world.


JDB Gaming’s arcade games offer a fun and thrilling way to enjoy gaming in an online casino. While clearly not JDB’s main focus, Super Super Fruit and Crazy King Kong offers just the right amount of thrill you would not want to miss.


The company’s numerous slot games include popular titles such as Zelda, Monkey King, Star Wars, and Street Fighter. Suffice to say, they have made a very interesting line-up of games that are not only popular but also a sure-fire hit for players of different generations.


If you are someone who lives in an Asian country, fishing games should need no introduction. The fish shooting game is amongst the most popular games on the continent. JDB Gaming has created its own take of this unique and fun game in the forms of Fishing Yilufa, 5 Dragons Fishing, and Cai Shen Fishing.


Another big and popular form of gambling in Asia is the lottery. JDB creates an equal opportunity for lottery fans to enjoy their favorite pastime more conveniently. Their games include Gold Rooster Lottery, Caishen Bingo, and Happy Lottery.


Online casino games are not complete nor the same without card games. All three card games developed by JDB Gaming are also popular amongst traditional casino players. Their card games include Qiang Zhuang Niuniu, Qiang Zhuang Liuniu, and Tongbi Niuniu.

Gaming Services

Creating Solutions

The ability to adapt to different situations is something that a good company must possess. This in turn creates a win-win situation for both themselves and their clients. JDB makes adjustments whenever necessary depending on different critical factors.

Risk Management

Taking risks isn’t always ideal. This is why certain situations need to be fully evaluated and studied. JDB Gaming provides a full-on calculation of potential dangers and risks ahead of time. This allows for online casino websites to focus on other stuff while the team at JDB monitor and control the situation.

24/7 Team Support

Part of what makes a healthy relationship between a company and its client is the support it can provide in a jiffy. Luckily for us, JDB Gaming ensures a 24/7 professional team available to respond at all times. They are guaranteed to give a helping hand whenever you need them.

Development-driven Focus

JDB Gaming also focuses on historical records and data to create a better version of their products. It has always been in their best interest to design and develop their games through proven means. They seize business opportunities whenever they can.

Situation Analysis

It’s all about analytics and JDB makes use of their databases to study and come up with relevant and suitable games that online casino sites and players would enjoy. This is a great way to fully utilize all the tools and resources that they have.

Game Recommendations

Speaking of tools and resources, another strategy that JDB Gaming uses to its advantage is game recommendations. Having a great collection of information such as playing data, how frequently do players play, etc., they can provide relevant recommendations to casinos.